Published On: Wed, Apr 17th, 2013
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Down in the psyche of the individual, there still burns a flame

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I’ve been working as a reporter for 30 years, and during that time, I’ve spoken with numerous mainstream reporters and editors, off the record, who’ve confirmed that:

They are absolutely not permitted to take down a major government institution for any reason. No matter how many horrendous crimes that institution or department commits, it will never disappear. It will never vanish in the night. It will never turn to dust.

That may seem quite obvious, but it’s only because we’ve become conditioned to believe that government can never shrink in size.

Off the top of my head, there are three agencies of the federal government that should be stripped of all their power, de-certified, and disbanded. Once that’s done, wholesale reorganization could take place—if there were honest people to do it.

And I’m not even including, for the purposes of this article, the Pentagon or the Federal Reserve or the IRS, or the departments of Education and Energy and Justice. They all should have their employees fired and the numerous buildings they occupy fumigated, for starters. Then the criminal trials could begin.

No, the agencies I have in mind are the FDA, the CIA, and the USDA. They are RICO mafias. They have engaged in long chains of abuses and crimes. A smart sixth-grader doing pattern recognition would be able to ferret out these felonies in a few days.

The crimes range from approving, as safe and effective, numerous medical drugs that kill, at a minimum, 225,000 Americans a year, like clockwork (FDA); to running an inhuman mind-control program (MKULTRA/CIA); to overthrowing foreign heads of state (CIA); to certifying, as safe and effective, a wholly untested form of corporate agriculture (GMO/USDA), which has subsequently been shown to cause horrendous health effects, as its leading proponent, Monsanto, has gained a stranglehold on the seed market.

Major media could not, even if they wanted to, expose these crimes to such a degree that they would end the life of these federal agencies in the process.

“Expose” has a specific reference here. It doesn’t mean an occasional negative piece or a he said-he said. It doesn’t mean a piecemeal revelation, for example, about this drug and that drug causing deaths. It means an all-out attack that brings to light a long-standing pattern of abuse and felony.

Reporter after reporter, and editor after editor, have looked at me, when I brought up the subject, as if I were crazy. “Impossible. Could not and would not happen, under any circumstances.

And yet, this is exactly what the American people need, because the crimes go deep, deeper, and deepest. The profession of journalism, the “free press,” is supposed to serve as a watchdog, to prevent these government agencies from ascending to such height that they become untouchable.

We should have seen massive takedowns and erasures of federal agencies many times during our nation’s history.

From the editor’s and publisher’s perspective, there is one way to accomplish it. I’ve mentioned this before.

A news outlet lets the hounds loose.

Day after day, week after week, month after month, the newspaper or network publishes the unvarnished truth and continues to dig for, and print and broadcast, more and more devastating material.

We do not see that approach in major media. It’s not there. It’s missing in action.

The editors and reporters and publishers and producers and anchors understand the approach well. They know what they could do if they wanted to, but of course…

The corporations that control the press would not allow it.

This is why people, otherwise bright, actually believe the federal government is a force for good. They don’t see the naked exposure of its crimes, and so they acquiesce. They go passive.

Here is a reconstruction of my notes, from a long-ago meeting with a highly regarded mainstream print reporter, who finally opened up to me about “taking down a whole government agency”:

It’s a dream. It’s a dream that more reporters than you know about actually have. For example, the CDC. I know three reporters who would make it their life’s work to destroy that organization from front to back. They can feel it, believe me. They would drop everything to take it on. They know how corrupt those bastards are.”

Exposing a whole federal agency to the point where it would be disbanded isn’t like a decommissioning a battleship or an aircraft carrier. It’s like walking naked into arena, with no weapons, and facing a starving lion.”

“The federal government is the final frontier. It’s in some ways worse than a mega-corporation, in terms of dismantling it. If you could [take down] a whole federal agency, that would start a domino effect, and other agencies would fall, too.”

“Left-wing media, right-wing media, it’s a joke when it comes to the size of the federal government. Neither side is going to go all-out after a federal agency with the intention of destroying it. The expanding size of the government is a given.”

Consider media franchises like FOX, Rush Limbaugh, and Sean Hannity. You’d think they would be up for an all-out attack on a federal agency, with “the intention of destroying it.” But obviously, that’s not the case, not when it comes to a serious department like the FDA or the USDA.

Why? Because those agencies protect giant pharmaceutical corporations and giant biotech corporations, and that’s “sacred ground.” So in the end, these so-called conservative reporters and commentators are supporting the size of the federal government in very significant ways.

In fact, they would probably say the FDA and the USDA are inhibiting the actions of corporations.

No matter where you look in major media, you see an op to conceal the truth about these agencies. It’s ongoing. It’s every day. It’s a media RICO crime, given the fact that the press is supposed to be fearless in its mission to protect the rights and safety of citizens.

The sold-out cowardly nature of the press leads to millions of people believing that politics as usual is the status quo forever, nothing can be done about it, and all mature adults should accept this as a fact of life.

Yes, it’s a fact. Until it isn’t.

Now we’re talking about psychology, real psychology, not the fatuous brand taught at universities. The psychology of mass acceptance. Mass surrender. Mass delusion.

And the press, as well as the man on the street, is subject to it.

People want stories, nice neat stories. They’ll buy a scandal, for example, that touches on a government agency. It’s titillating. It’s fun. It’s vicarious revenge. It’s “important.” But a wholesale revelation that exposes a criminal mafia like the FDA down to its very core, that explodes it into a million pieces?

That breaks the hypnotic trance. It’s surreal. It leaves people feeling reality is no longer what it’s supposed to be. The ground is shaking and cracking and truth is oozing out of the cracks.

Such a revelation penetrates the buffered and protected and dead psyche. It wakes it up. And that’s absolutely verboten for most people.

They would begin to realize part of the reason they’re dead inside: they’ve been settling for nice neat stories and refusing to admit the truth runs much, much deeper.

Down in the psyche of the individual, all evidence to the contrary, there still burns a flame. To take down an entire federal agency through an exposure of its most heinous and continuing crimes is exactly the sort of thing that makes the flame jump higher.

This is what people are protecting themselves against. They re-channel the energies of the flame into partisan anger. They settle for a substitute. They take this president over that president. They go left or they go right.

The press is supposed to tear away the substitute and show the more profound reality. That is its job.

But like millions of citizens, the press is dead inside, too. Reporters and editors are dead. They’re going through the motions, and a surprising number of them know it. They’ve abandoned their courage and their mission.

They do everything they humanly can to snuff out the inner flame. Being dead is part of the code of their fraternity.

And what is the opposite of this?

Individuals rebelling against the prevailing empire.

The kind of rebellion I’m talking about is self-generated. It’s not a gift, it’s not in the genes.

Along with this rebellion, people need to realize they create their own minds.

That may sound like a very curious thing to say, but it’s a truth that’s buried thousands of feet below the absurdity we call education.

It doesn’t matter if teachers, parents, and other authorities try to train the mind like a dog. It’s up to the individual to take whatever is useful in that training and then leave the rest behind in the dust.

To do that, a person has to WANT to do it. He wants logic? He learns it and uses it. He wants to think on the basis and foundation of freedom? He does it. He wants to torpedo the psychology of self-chosen victimhood? He does it. He shapes his own processes.

This is about a bottom-line refusal to accept consensus fairy tales manufactured out of a craving need for absolute rescue.

The struggle recorded by history is the individual coming into being out of the mass, the group, the tribe, the clan, the gang, the mob. When courage fails, we see periods when the group ascends to greater power.

But even the group is a kind of misnomer, because at the top is a leader, or a small number of leaders who promote the group as the answer, in order to maintain their exclusive power.

Yet the flame inside the individual doesn’t go out. It never does.

Every so-called mental or emotional problem stems from this: No matter what the individual does to demean or reduce himself, the fire remains. No matter how many lies he tells himself, no matter how strong the group is or its leader, the individual has the potential to reclaim what he is.

Without that, we would all be planted like vegetables in a garden.

At levels even they don’t understand, the titans of media must try to destroy the individual in favor the group. That is why they cannot allow, under any circumstances, journalists to dismantle and wreck a controlling agency of government with the truth.

Such destruction would call into question the concept of the group itself. It would fan the sparks that live in every individual psyche and imagination.

It would signal a breakout from the prison of the trance.

George Orwell described the trance this way: “…consciously to induce unconsciousness, and then, once again, to become unconscious of the act of hypnosis you had just performed.”

A retired propaganda operative, Ellis Medavoy (pseudonym), once told me: “When you say a person is in a trance, that doesn’t mean he’s walking around like a robot. He can seem very alive. But he has a connection to established institutions of society, and that connection, that wholesale acceptance, does put him in a trance. It’s a trance he wants and inflicts on himself.”

For the self-hypnotized individual, there are certain basic building blocks in the organized world that must never be shattered. These institutions reflect his own stolid faith in automatic regulated function. Were the blocks to crumble, he would see himself crumble.

He would be forced to unseal his own tomb where the central undisturbed flame burns. He would gain entrance to his inner sanctum. He would feel alive in a way he had forgotten was possible. He would shrug off the folds of the mass, the group, the organization, and step out of the shadows.

The hammering pulse of his own blood would make him ready for action.

Much better, he concedes, to support and exalt all the structures of the world that hold his mind in thrall, that keep him in contact with his false self, that mirror his gift for deception.

In that way, the silent partnership will live on.

At the root inside the root, people aren’t stupid. They choose to be stupid. They aren’t asleep. They decide to go to sleep. They don’t forget. They make themselves forget. They aren’t simply fooled. They fool themselves on purpose.

Then they look out on the world for confirmation of their own acts of sabotage. And they see institutions that have been built on the same blueprint as their own, and they support such institutions and rely on them.

Yes, the world is fake and so am I, and we must do everything possible to keep it that way.”

This, believe it or not, is a species of art. This fakery. It may not be timeless art, but it is universal. It’s an enduring creation.

The great traditional media monoliths of our time are devoted to the invention of a common form of sleep for all. It must be common and shared; otherwise, the institutions of government and corporate power would immediately split apart and fall into the sea. They only exist as long as they reflect the consensus dream that souls enact to protect themselves from the flame, the unique ever-burning force.







By Jon Rappoport – author of  THE MATRIX REVEALED and EXIT FROM THE MATRIX.  Nominated for a Pulitzer Prize.

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