Published On: Thu, May 2nd, 2013
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THE PAEDOFILE: Police investigating the previous police investigation which investigated the one before that find themselves investigating the Police Complaints Commission

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Can thirty years of failure in Richmond really be down to incompetence?

As the evidence of paedophile child-trafficking cover-ups in Richmond goes from slightly sneaky to the multiply slimey, the absence of any arrests is getting harder and harder to explain.

The Exaro news site reveals how police in 1983 took no action against a child abuse complaint at a Richmond care home despite corroborating evidence from the victim’s friend. Then how a 2003 team reopened the investigation, got nowhere…and are now being investigated by contemporary Plod….who is also investigating his own IPCC about a 2004 complaint relating to the case that they didn’t follow up. I wonder if anyone has spotted the fact that the cops are a bit, um, lacking in objectivity when it comes to investigating themselves.

In the understated comment of the millennium, former Richmond child services director Terry Earland said “In normal circumstances yes, I’d say that would be unusual”. He didn’t expand on what abnormal circumstances would make it usual procedure.

Also at the Exaro site is a tape of Richmond’s former social services director Louis Minster pretending he isn’t Louis Minster on the phone, and then being evasive when asked questions about his role in the affair. Meanwhile, Metropolitan police sources at the highest level have confirmed that thus far no Members of Parliament have been arrested, although members of the public have reported seeing some of them attending Oxbridge debates and Cabinet meetings.

The investigation continues, after a fashion.

Systemic child abuse and the protection of its Establishment perpetrators is a global phenomenon. I remain intrigued by why this is – and the probable connection between the bullying control motivation of chronic paedophiles and legislators – but in case there are still a few MI6 agents out there convinced this is all in the imagination of conspiracy-theory nutjobs, it may be appropriate to remind them that almost exactly three years ago in the US, a study conducted by Berkeley Media Studies Group found that news coverage about paedophilia networks was out of sync with both the magnitude of the issue and the context in which it occurs.

As if to prove the point, the world’s media then largely ignored the report. But for those who don’t like to think about what paedophiles often gravitate onto, yesterday’s Guardian has all the disturbing details in the case of April Jones’s tragic murder. I know you don’t like to think about it – nobody does – but this feeling is what helps the bad guys get away with it.




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