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Prosecutors mulling execution for Ohio kidnapper over forced miscarriages

A police report obtained by The New York Times states that immediately after Cleveland police broke into Castro’s residence on Monday, Michelle Knight – who, unlike Amanda Berry and Gina DeJesus remains hospitalized – disclosed that Castro had impregnated her several times. “She stated that Ariel would make her abort the baby,” read the police [...]

Victory Day fireworks: Thousands of lights illuminate Moscow’s skies

An unbreakable link of generations, from WWII veterans to toddlers, gazed at Moscow’s night sky as some nine thousands fireworks brought joy, pride and sadness to their hearts, as all marked the 68-the anniversary victory over Nazi Germany. Fired from 14 different locations around Moscow, the city’s authorities made sure that everyone shared in celebrating [...]

Wagner opera canceled in Germany after Holocaust scenes send spectators to hospital

Wagner’s original opera takes place on the mythical mountain Venusberg, but the revamped production at the Rheinoper theater is set during the Holocaust. In it, one of the scenes reportedly showed a family ordered to strip naked and shave their heads before being slaughtered by the Nazis. Another scene that provoked a wave of boos [...]

Leaving Earth: 78,000 apply for a one-way ticket to Mars

Mars One, a Dutch not-for-profit organization, is planning the project to have no return ticket back to Earth due to a lack of technology, and the physiological changes the human body will undergo after it adjusts “to the 38% gravitation field of Mars, and be incapable of returning to the Earth’s much stronger gravity,” the [...]

'Ring of fire’ solar eclipse seen in Australia (PHOTOS, VIDEO)

The annular solar eclipse occurs when the Moon is farther than usual from Earth, making its apparent size in the sky smaller than Sun’s apparent size in the sky.  Since both the Moon’s orbit around the Earth and the Earth’s orbit around the Sun are ellipses, the sizes of the Moon and the Sun as [...]

US, Russia eying spacewalk to fix coolant leak on ISS

The ammonia coolant, which is currently leaking into space, is used to dissipate heat from the station’s solar panels. Each of the four panels has an independent coolant system, which means the station will not be left without power if the problem persists. NASA and its Russian counterpart Roscosmos are discussing a possible emergency spacewalk [...]

US drone strikes illegal, govt should stop them – Pakistani court

The Peshawar High Court has recommended the Pakistani government advance a resolution against the attacks in the United Nations. The court issued its verdict on the CIA-run air strikes in response to four petitions charging the attacks killed civilians and caused “collateral damage.” Chief Justice Dost Muhammad Khan heard the petitions, and ruled that drone [...]

‘Grieving’ reckless motorists to avoid prosecution in UK

Director of Public Prosecutions Keir Starmer told UK state lawyers to look at the “greater emotional impact” of a sentence when charging motorists who have accidentally killed a family member or loved one in a car accident. Starmer argued such sentences would be “oppressive and insensitive” to people who have already suffered severe emotional trauma. [...]

'Don’t know for certain’: Washington confused on Syrian chemical weapons

His comments, delivered in an interview with Rolling Stone magazine, were a step back from a recent report speculating that Obama administration officials were preparing to arm Syrian rebel forces. It has been widely reported that top US government officials believe Assad responsible for the choking clouds.  “We don’t have a chain of ownership,” Biden [...]

Russia’s Audit Chamber to inspect Gazprom first time in five years

“Many speak of the closed nature of this company, but I’d like to emphasize that Gazprom fully cooperates with the auditors of the Audit Chamber, providing them with all the necessary papers,” Audit Chamber head Sergey Stepashin said. Plans to carry out a thorough audit of Gazprom were announced earlier this year, and is due [...]

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