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‘US colleges support wealthier students’

A new study shows that US colleges are offering wealthier students more financial aid compared with low-income students. The study conducted by the New America Foundation says that US colleges provide high-achieving applicants with more financial aid in order to promote the profile of their students. According to the public policy institute’s analysis of data [...]

If the Queen is ill…better to stay home: UK Citizens

Most voters believe Queen Elizabeth II should step down from the British throne and allow the succession to pass on if she becomes too ill to fulfill her duties, a new poll shows. According to the Sunday Times/YouGov poll, 48 percent of Britons say the British Queen should abdicate in the event that she becomes [...]

Graduates to be taken to court if they do not repay the loans.

Officials warned they are ready to take the graduates to court if they do not repay the loans. “With British students paying more in tuition than ever before, many people will not understand how it is possible that foreign students from the EU are able to turn up to the UK, run up taxpayer-backed debts [...]

“This is s grave military provocation”:N.Korea

The nuclear-powered USS Nimitz has anchored off the South Korean’s port of Busan on Saturday. The ship will take part in search and rescue operations and sea maneuvers from Monday to Tuesday off the country’s eastern coast, the South Korean Defense Ministry announced. Pyongyang’s cross-border affairs ministry branded the deployment as a “grave military provocation” [...]

UK spyware used against Bahraini activists?

The evidence submitted contains a witness statement from Bahraini activist and writer Ala’a Shehabi, 30. She has both Bahraini and British citizenship, and is one of the founding members of Bahrain Watch, an independent research and advocacy organization set up following a security crackdown in the country in February 2011. Shebabi became one of the [...]

Israel sets up ‘secret’ diplomatic mission in Persian Gulf

The Finance Ministry’s budget for the next year, to be submitted for Cabinet approval this week, has revealed that Israel has created almost a dozen new missions around the world since 2010. The Financial Ministry’s website mentioned Embassies in Ashgabat (Turkmenistan), Wellington (New Zealand), Accra (Ghana), Tirana (Albania) and the Caribbean, as well as consulates [...]

Netanyahu in hot water…

The sum was tagged onto the $300,000 cost of chartering an El Al Boeing 767 to fly the couple to former British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher’s funeral last month, Israel’s Channel 10 television reported. Netanyahu’s aides and bodyguards were also present on the flight. The chamber reportedly included a double-bed and was surrounded by four [...]

USA:More cameras…but now wearable

In the US city of Seattle, police officers are to be equipped with mobile surveillance gear as the number of cases involving the use of excessive force increase. According to a statement released by a senior police officer on Sunday, wearable cameras for rank-and-file officers are part of a court-sanctioned scrutiny over the use of [...]

British EU referendum criticized as ‘wrong’

British Labour leader Ed Miliband says Tory plans to hold an in/out referendum on European Union (EU) membership are “wrong” and damaging to the UK’s national interest. Speaking to the Labour group Progress on Saturday, Miliband reiterated his opposition to the idea of an EU vote. Referring to British Prime Minister David Cameron’s promise to [...]

intervention in Syria a mistake:Robert Gates

Former US Defense Secretary Robert Gates has warned against Washington’s military intervention in the Syria, describing the move a “mistake.” Gates said in an interview with CBS’s “Face the Nation,” on Sunday that US military involvement in Syria’s crisis would be a “mistake” and that the outcome would be unpredictable and messy, AFP reported. “I [...]

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