The Glass Castle (p 42-72)

the-glass-castleby rollinsparker

As I continue reading, a question that keeps coming to mind is what is force is driving this family and what is causing them to progress? One could point out a lot of progressing aspects such as creativeness, fearless nature, daring, and rebellious. I feel like it is more than just these aspects that cause this family to want to live this lifestyle. Their reactions to specific situations have an impact on me and help me to figure out how the Walls family progresses.

When they move to Battle Mountain, Walls’ description of the home is so knowledgable for not having been formally educated. This makes me wonder if it is through experience that we learn the most? When mom’s piano is accidentally dumped outside and she left it there saying “Most pianists never get the chance to play in the great out-of-doors. And now the whole neighborhood can enjoy the music, too (p 53).” As Walls discusses the family sitting around and reading the dictionary at night for fun leads me to think these children live full lives. It seems as if they are never really bored or empty, but rather are always up for an adventure and a new experience. I know I would not be entertained by a dictionary, so perhaps it is the “unordinary” that brings people a real and full life?

Jaennettes’s response to her father telling her to lower the prices of her rock collection was intriguing to me. She says, “I explained that all my rocks were incredibly valuable and I’d rather keep them than sell them for less than they were worth (p 60).” I feel this is her outlook on value. She would rather hold onto things important to her even if it meant it would have a consequence.

Mom’s breakdown on dad because the family had no food leads me to think she is at a point where she could not handle his behavior any longer. She said, “I am sick of Dad’s ridiculous dreams and his stupid plans and empty promises (p 70).” This fight between mom and dad went on for days, which was very unusual and left me hanging with curiosity. Is this mom’s breaking point? Is she going to finally turn on dad? Will the progressing factors that have driven this family begin to change? Or will they just stay the same as the family continues to lead this disorderly and uncivilized lifestyle?

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