UK warned against Muslim-free history books


The Muslim Council of Britain (MCB) has warned about the risks of ignoring the Muslims’ contribution in the National school Curriculum for History despite the fact that 10 percent of British school pupils are Muslims.

“We are deeply disappointed that on 7 February 2013 the Department for Education published a draft specification for a revised History curriculum that excludes all reference to Muslims and Islam from the history curriculum that is proposed for English schools,” the MCB said.

The council said the material selected to taught need to be “made objectively and fairly” so that children get a “true” picture of the past.

The organization called on the British government to include the contribution of Indian Muslim soldiers to the British front in the two world wars, the role of classical Muslim civilization in “preservation and enhancement of ancient Greek and Roman learning” that later entered Europe via Spain and Italy and led to the European Renaissance and Britain’s long history of trade and diplomatic relations with Muslim nations.

The council finally warned that failure to include such facts in the history curricula will lead to non-Muslim students who grow up while deceived into believing that Muslims did nothing for the human civilization.

“Non-Muslim children will grow up believing that Muslims have contributed nothing of value to Britain or indeed human civilization, creating the risk of their acquiring anti-Muslim attitudes,” the council said.


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