‘Corruption charge set for state senator John L. Sampson’

New York State Senator John L. Sampson

New York State Senator John L. Sampson

US law enforcement officials have revealed that a state senator from New York is to be charged in connection with a public corruption case, a report says.

The New York Times reported on Sunday that state prosecutors are set to charge New York State Senator John L. Sampson of obstruction of justice on Monday.

Authorities accused Sampson of seeking help for a man who is charged with offering bribes to expand his business operations at Kennedy International Airport – which is under Sampson’s jurisdiction.

The case is part of a larger investigation involving former New York State Senator Shirley Huntley who has pleaded guilty to stealing taxpayer money through a self-made nonprofit organization.

The inquiry included at least seven elected officials, though authorities did not reveal if others would be charged.

In a separate incident in late April, six New York politicians, including Senator Malcolm Smith and New York City Councilman Daniel Halloran were arraigned in a criminal case that alleges a plot to buy the state’s upcoming mayoral ballot.

According to a poll conducted by Siena College, four out of five New York voters expect more state lawmakers to get arrested in the near future and more than nine out of 10 say corruption in the state legislature is a serious problem.


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